Trading Without Stop Loss?

Hi traders, in the past weeks I spoke with some friends and a lot of them are talking about stop losses and the possibility of trading without stop loss.

Well, I wouldn’t encourage you to do that, as I personally is a firm believer of using stop loss to limit my risk exposures. Today I will show you a simple way of Continue reading “Trading Without Stop Loss?”

Forex Myth Busting


Many new traders started trading Forex with the wrong foot due to the very wrong education in the early stage of their learning curve. Don’t believe me?

Just type in “Forex” in your google bar and you will get tons of website offering you strategies or even signal services.

These websites attempt to paint very beautiful pictures about how easy it is to make money by trading Forex. However, saying is one thing, but proving it is another.

Here at Forex Seriously, I not only tell you, but I’ll prove it to you. One of my aims for this blog is to help traders identify bad strategies by back testing through years of data. And I do all this for free. Continue reading “Forex Myth Busting”

Why 90% of new Forex traders fail?

Hey traders, welcome to the first post of this entire website. Before we begin, let me start by apologizing that I have to start the website with such a gloomy topic, like why Forex traders fail.

But that is the principle of Forex Seriously. I tell you the hard truth for free. You will not find any false hope here, I promise.

As you probably already know… Researches showed that 90% of new traders fail in this business; therefore by writing on this topic first, I will be able to help more people!

Let me touch on a few points, and I’ll add more as we go along.

Continue reading “Why 90% of new Forex traders fail?”